Well completion

Although NADRA GROUP mainly focuses on providing comprehensive, wide-ranging oil and gas exploration services, it also included several companies producing natural gas (for which NADRA GROUP obtained relevant licenses in the mid-1990s), such as Magnik LLC and Tysagaz CJSC. Exploration and development of hard-to-recover natural gas reserves were carried out in the western oil-and-gas-bearing region of Ukraine (Zakarpattya), while production operations were conducted in the Stanivske and Rusko-Komarivske fields.

From 2002 to 2011, GROUP NADRA conducted gas production operations at the Rusko-Komarivske gas field, which is the most well-known among the potential gas fields in Zakarpattya. A distinctive feature of the gas content in the field's deposits is the chemical composition of natural gases, which is characterized by a significant proportion of nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

NADRA GROUP has produced a total of approximately 100 million cubic meters of natural gas from the Rusko-Komarivske field. However, in 2004, production at the Stanivske field was halted due to a water flooding incident.

NADRA GROUP has gained significant experience in field development, particularly in the completion of wells (site construction), their connection to gas pipelines, and the support of natural gas production. The company also has expertise in routine operations related to well maintenance.

Therefore, NADRA GROUP's area of activity in the oil and gas industry covered the entire upstream process, which includes the full cycle of exploration and development of deposits, from planning, exploration, and prospecting of oil and gas fields to the commissioning and maintenance of wells.