Data processing

Due to the constantly growing volume of field observations, there was a need for tools to process, generalize, and interpret them. Consequently, NADRA GROUP established a powerful Data Processing Centre for geological and geophysical information. Its professional expertise and capability to solve complex geological problems have been highly praised by customers, including leading global companies.

The Centre solved complex tasks related to the prospecting and exploration of oil and gas deposits by acquiring powerful computer stations and utilizing the best software from world-renowned companies, such as Schlumberger, Paradigm, and others, in addition to its own software products.

The Centre introduced advanced seismic data processing and interpretation licensed software, Focus (Paradigm, USA), in 2001, followed by Asset software for geological and economic conceptual analysis, optimization, and detailed estimation of costs during oil and gas exploration and production (IHS Energy, USA) in 2005, Petrel seismic data interpretation software (Schlumberger) in 2007, and Eclipse deposits hydrodynamic modelling software (Schlumberger) in 2012. Additionally, the Centre developed and patented its own software for processing seismic data on video cards (GPU).

As a result, Focus, GeoDepth, and Prestack Depth Migration became the primary packages for seismic information processing, while Petrel, SeisX, and VoxelGeo served as the basic packages for data interpretation. Tesseral software was utilized for seismic data modeling.

An important milestone was the application of 3-D pre-stack depth migration of seismic data and the development of high-quality geological models for studying zones with complex tectonic structures, areas of salt dome tectonics, and regions with significantly distorted reflecting boundaries and numerous diffracting objects.

As a result, the Centre was able to create high-quality three-dimensional digital geological models of hydrocarbon deposits, significantly clarify existing structural imaging, and achieve fundamentally new geological results, a first in Ukraine. The Centre operated in accordance with the quality management system regulations developed based on the international standard ISO 9001: 2000.

In 2015, the establishment of a branch of the Geological and Geophysical Data Processing and Interpretation Centre in Delhi, India, with the involvement of local specialists, was yet another testament to the company's high level of professionalism.

Overall, the Centre provided effective solutions for processing and interpreting informational and parametric seismic data, as well as evaluating hydrocarbon reserves The Centre conducted studies on complex well columns, such as carbonate formations, basement rocks, and thin-layer terrigenous deposits. The Centre's work ultimately resulted in reliable geological models of hydrocarbon reservoirs, which led to successful well drilling and maximum increases in hydrocarbon reserves in licensed areas of oil companies. NADRA GROUP gained extensive experience in creating permanent geological and geophysical models and monitoring deposits.

In total, NADRA GROUP has compiled and defended over 350 reports on geological survey, reserve evaluation, and audit, including detailed filtration-capacity oil and gas field models, and created five real-time hydrodynamic oil and gas field models. The main achievement of the GROUP in Ukraine has been the discovery of 83 new oil and gas fields and deposits.

NADRA GROUP participated in exploring the Kobzivsky and Yuliyivsky fields, the two largest gas condensate fields discovered during Ukraine's independence.