Well seismic

In 2008, NADRA GROUP organized a special VSP unit, which made it the Ukrainian market leader in this type of exploration. This method allows for the study of the geological structure and physical properties of near-well bore areas using different types of waves, such as longitudinal, transverse, exchange waves, and more. The analysis of wave propagation, attenuation, spatial polarization, and rock anisotropy is used to gain insight into the subsurface geology. VSP is based on the registration of the entire wave field spectrum, making it a multi-wave seismic exploration technique. In 2009, the VSP method was also implemented in offshore studies of the Subbotin-1 well using airguns.

Seismic studies in wells have opened up new opportunities for processing and interpreting spatial seismic exploration data, providing more specific information for creating three-dimensional models of deposits.

So, NADRA GROUP has completed a total of 35 downhole seismic projects.