Geophysical tools

The "Geofizprilad" plant was founded in May 1945, and since 1988, it remained under the direct control of the Ministry of Geology of Ukraine. On June 18, 1996, the State Property Fund of Ukraine decided to transform the state enterprise Kyiv Research and Experimental Plant "Geofizprylad" into an Open Joint-Stock Company known as Kyiv Plant "Geofizprylad".

During the Soviet era, the enterprise relied on layout designs that were provided centrally by design bureaus in Russia.

However, in 2000, NADRА GROUP established its own Ukrainian design bureau with the primary objective of developing a new generation of world-class tools for NADRA GROUP units and a wide range of well service companies.

By 2005, the Geofizprilad plant had completed a comprehensive technological re-equipment of its well logging equipment manufacturing facilities. The metalworking shops and assembly production facilities were modernized, along with the testing laboratories and test wells. The company also shifted its focus towards designing new equipment and developing technology that met the world's best industry standards. As part of this effort, the company adopted 3D-modelling software and hardware units, along with the technological design of Parametric Technology Corporation (RTS), for use in its design practice.

The Geofizprilad plant established a full-cycle production process that included a metrology centre, a geophysical technology certification laboratory, and a service centre. As part of this effort, NADRA GROUP developed technical tools for oilfield geophysics that were previously unavailable in Ukraine but widely used worldwide. These tools included gyroscopic inclinometers that are widely used for horizontal drilling and side-tracking, as well as special acoustic tools that enable the collection of geological parameters that were previously unobtainable or ensured much higher accuracy and veracity of those parameters. Additionally, the company introduced new neutron logging and dipmeter logging tools that made it possible to study the geological structure of underground sources, including oil and gas deposits.

The plant has successfully mastered and established industrial production of over 200 types of well monitoring equipment, including the highly acclaimed Agat series of heat and pressure-resistant equipment for ultra-deep wells. Other notable products include sonic waveform logging tools AKV-1, electric and induction logging tools EK-1 and AIK-5M, borehole geometry tools SKPD-3, and radioactive logging equipment such as SRK and KURA-2m for ore logging, and many others, including unique ones.

The leading geophysical companies of Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine, including Gazpromgeofizika, Orenburgneftegazgeofizika, Tyumen Oil Company, Surgutneftegazgeofizika, Yuganskneftegazgeofizika, Turkmengaz State Concern, Turkmenneft State Concern, Uzbekneftegazgeofizika, Kazpromgeofizika, Kazakhoilpromgeofizika, State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR), Belorusneft, Belgeologiya, and others were among the main customers of well monitoring equipment and exploration equipment produced by the Geofizprilad plant.

Experience: Manufacturing and supplying more than 2,000 well monitoring equipment to companies in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and others. Additionally, the plant has also developed, manufactured, and delivered modular digital logging tools, multi-probe software and hardware units for wide-wave acoustic survey for the control of hydrofracturing, and digital gyroscope inclinometers.