Other equipment

In the 1930s, significant geological events took place in Ukraine, including the discovery of oil fields in the Left-Bank Ukraine, particularly on the Romensky salt dome. This marked the beginning of prospecting and exploitation in one of the largest Ukrainian oil provinces, the Dnieper-Donetsk basin, and consequently, the discovery of the Romny oil.

Since 1938, before World War II broke out, there were repair shops in the territory of Geotekhnika OJSC that served the Romny oil exploration and oil fields near the village Gerasymivka.

During World War II, the company suffered significant damage and was virtually destroyed. The process of restoring the shop premises began immediately after the war, and reconstruction continued from 1945 through 1950. Substantial technical re-equipment and expansion of the production facilities took place in 1978.

The production volumes of the company within NADRA GROUP have been steadily increasing since 1997. It expanded the range of its products without changing the main line of business. In 2001, the plant was renamed Geotekhnika OJSC.

As a member of NADRA GROUP, the plant specialized mainly in manufacturing mobile housing units of various modifications and sizes, modular units, creating and developing infrastructure for field crews, producing exploration and drilling equipment and spare parts, as well as providing specialized equipment to mining companies.

The plant was considered one of the leading manufacturers of frame and container mobile housing units in Ukraine, based on new 20- and 40-foot containers.

In 2005, the plant completed the development of technical documentation and introduction of modular mobile housing units, also known as living wagons, according to international HSE standards (health, safety, and environment).

Thus, after NADRA GROUP became the owner of the plant, two tasks were simultaneously solved: the enterprise resumed its production capacity and refocused on global standards and new markets.