Public support

Non-profit organizations traditionally establish partnerships to address social and sectoral issues, collaborating with both the government and businesses to find solutions.

NADRA GROUP consistently collaborates with third-sector organizations such as professional associations, public organizations, and foundations to foster stronger engagement with professional and local communities and to shape new value orientations.

Through these partnerships, NADRA GROUP implements social projects, organizes specialized events, develops educational programs, establishes joint expert groups, conducts public hearings, and implements projects and grant programs. NADRA GROUP's employees contribute their professional expertise in a pro bono format. NADRA GROUP provides organizational, logistical, and charitable support, primarily to social projects that align with the company's core business.

NADRA GROUP has been actively involved in collaborating with various international professional organizations for more than 30 years, partnering with scientific events organized by AAPG, EAGE, EFG, and other similar groups as part of their MICE programs. One exceptional event for the geology of Ukraine and the entire region was the Regional Conference of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) titled "Exploration for Oil and Gas in the Black Sea and Caspian Region: Current Research and Future Plans" (Kyiv, October 2010), which was conducted with the media and organizational support from the PO "Ukrainian Association of Geologists" and sponsored by NADRA GROUP. The conference had 502 delegates from 212 organizations and companies representing 28 countries in attendance.

Throughout years of collaboration with the European Federation of Geologists (EFG), three senior managers of NADRA GROUP were awarded the honorary professional title of 'European Geologist' (EurGeol) for their exceptional contributions to the field of geological activity. The title, which is granted by EFG, signifies that the holder possesses the necessary academic training, professional experience, as well as the requisite skills and competencies required to carry out tasks within their professional field. It also indicates that the geologist is committed to continuous education and training, demonstrating a personal dedication to stay up-to-date and thoroughly informed in their profession.

In the area of collaboration with Ukrainian geologists, NADRA GROUP's employees took the initiative to establish the Ukrainian Association of Geologists in the year 2000. Currently, the association has more than 3,000 members, consisting of geologists, geophysicists, engineers, and geological scientists in Ukraine.

Over the past 20 years, NADRA GROUP and the Ukrainian Association of Geologists have worked collaboratively on hundreds of projects, some of which are unique not only in Ukraine but also globally. These projects include six all-Ukrainian congresses of geologists, numerous regional conferences, the Ukrainian Oil and Gas Specialists Advanced Training Programme for International Cooperation and Work in Western Companies (2009), the "Programme of Advanced Training and Adaptation of Geological Exploration Specialists to the Market Economy to Preserve the Human and Intellectual Potential of Ukrainian Geology" (2012), and educational initiatives that have achieved global recognition.

It is worth highlighting the Green Expedition Project by NADRA GROUP, launched in collaboration with the Ukrainian Association of Geologists under NADRA GROUP's contract with SHELL UKRAINE EXPLORATION AND PRODUCTION I LLC. The project's primary objective is to provide local communities with a clear understanding of the stages involved in the development and implementation of safe geological and geophysical research methods and technologies. This initiative aims to promote environmental safety and protect the local population.

Between 2000 and 2012, NADRA GROUP partnered with the Public Environmental Organization 'Clean Wave' in promoting environmental public initiatives.

Clean Wave PEO conducted research on the environmental problems of the Southern Bug River and implemented the Southern Bug – My River Project with the support of the Canadian Government.

With the support of the Dutch Government, efforts were made to clean up the backwaters of the Dnipro River, preserve the fry of fish species spawning in the backwaters, and study and maintain the ichthyoflora and ichthyofauna of the Desna River. Leading specialists from the Institute of Hydrobiology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine were involved in these efforts. Residents of settlements located near the Desna River were informed about the results of these efforts, and recommendations for biodiversity conservation were also developed.

Clean Wave PEO placed significant emphasis on environmental education for youth. In collaboration with the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the National Ecological Research Center for Student Youth, it organized master classes and excursions to various facilities such as the Desna Water Treatment Plant, Kyiv Hydro-Electric Power Station, and Kyiv Vodokanal. Additionally, seminars were conducted to study the intricacies of sustainable development and environmental protection, which were attended by young students and scientists from several leading Ukrainian institutes.

Starting from the year 2000, NADRA GROUP began supporting environmentally friendly sailing competitions such as "Spring Kyiv", "Kyiv Day", "Obolon Sails", "International Kyiv Regatta", "May Sails", and "Good Memory" in the sports segment. Currently, the annual sports calendar in Kyiv consists of 18-20 city-wide regattas. Assistance is provided to the best yachtsmen of the Kyiv Sailing Federation for purchasing supplies and financing their participation in international competitions. The Kyiv Sailing Federation is the largest of its kind in Ukraine, comprising of 7 yacht clubs, a flotilla, a school of higher sportsmanship, a children's and youth school of higher sportsmanship, 2 branches of complex sports schools, and 450 members. The historic Kyiv River Yacht Club has been restored, and Ukraine's only International Youth Regatta competition has been launched.