Inclusive public activities

At various times, NADRA GROUP employed up to 1,500 individuals. Some of these employees dedicated a significant portion of their careers to the company and later retired to take a well-deserved rest. Many GROUP veterans have achieved high levels of professional success in both science and industry, earning academic degrees and titles, as well as state and sectoral awards, and are widely recognized in Ukraine and abroad as top specialists. These individuals are happy to share their knowledge, skills, and experience with their colleagues, communicate openly with young people, and continue to participate in NADRA GROUP's social projects. They serve as an excellent example for the new generation to follow.

NADRA GROUP remembers and appreciates everyone who worked for the benefit of the company, the industry, and the country.

Working with GROUP veterans and providing support to former employees is an essential part of the company's social policy.

NADRA GROUP implements socio-economic protection and assistance programs for retired employees through its corporate veterans' club. These programs include financial incentives for jubilees, awards on the occasion of Geologist's Day, cultural and entertainment events for veterans, as well as targeted financial assistance for medical treatment and in difficult life circumstances.

NADRA GROUP is developing a corporate pension plan aimed at creating retirement savings with the participation of both the employer and employees.

As NADRA GROUP strives to make a meaningful contribution to global and local challenges, the company supports the growing trend of increased business involvement in social initiatives through corporate volunteering.

NADRA GROUP's corporate volunteering model is primarily focused on developing the company's human capital. Engaging in volunteer work allows employees to embody the values of the corporate culture, unlock their personal potential, and develop a sense of civic responsibility by contributing to the greater good. Through its corporate volunteering program, NADRA GROUP demonstrates its commitment to social responsibility, inclusion, and the promotion of corporate values, all while pursuing its mission at the local, regional, and international levels.

NADRA GROUP's corporate volunteering is a continuous effort integrated into the company's overall strategy. Volunteer projects are socially oriented and aligned with the company's values, and are carried out by leading experts from NADRA GROUP and partner organizations. The primary form of volunteer participation is through pro bono work, which involves contributing intellectual expertise, applying professional knowledge and experience, and utilizing the competencies of employees. During their volunteer work, employees are temporarily released from their main job responsibilities at NADRA GROUP.

NADRA GROUP recognizes the importance of education as a catalyst for future generations to respond to global climate change. As a result, the company has made educational and awareness-raising efforts a key component of its corporate volunteering program. The program is designed to educate young people on the importance of environmental preservation and restoration, promote geological knowledge, and enhance the prestige of professions related to the study and use of the geological environment. By imparting geological knowledge, students are better equipped to understand the causes and effects of climate change, develop a sustainable ecological worldview, and become proactive citizens who make informed decisions for the benefit of global society.

Since 2001, NADRA GROUP and the Ukrainian Association of Geologists have been working together to revive the children's geological movement in the country. Awareness-raising activities aimed at young people are accomplished through geological and environmental education programs at schools, as well as through the organization and support of clubs. Popular science literature for adolescents is also published, and children's teams are fully involved in national and international academic geology competitions for schoolchildren.

As part of its educational activities, NADRA GROUP collaborates with its partners to implement the following projects:

  • "Earth Depths Spiritual Depths", an educational project to lay the groundwork for a natural science and ecological worldview among student youth (over 100 events since 2011: quests, festivals, quizzes, scientific conferences, field trips, field competitions, and more);
  • Special course "Basics of Geology" for schools with an in-depth study of natural-cycle disciplines. Developed in 2012, the course has been successfully implemented in 10 schools in Kyiv.
  • ENGIE-European project 'Encouraging Girls to Study Geosciences and Engineering,' which is set to run from 2021 to 2023."

NADRA GROUP volunteers are regularly engaged in assisting the most vulnerable groups in society. For many years, the company has had a system of inclusive aid in place for boarding schools catering to children with special needs.

NADRA GROUP employees' volunteering plays a crucial role in promoting an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Over its 30-year history, the company has made a significant contribution to the educational process, knowledge dissemination, popularization of geology, and the formation of a progressive ecological and natural worldview among young people. Many participants in NADRA GROUP's educational projects have subsequently pursued careers in Earth sciences.

In the future, NADRA GROUP plans to expand its educational volunteer programs online to increase access to geological knowledge for young people. The company will focus on promoting inclusivity by involving family members of employees, representatives of suppliers, and customers in volunteer programs.

Major projects

The educational project "Earth Depths Spiritual Depths" was launched in 2011 to establish a foundation for the natural science and ecological worldview of student youth. Over 100 events, including quests, festivals, quizzes, scientific conferences, field trips, and competitions, have been held as part of this project.

The primary goal of the project is not only to promote geological science but also to increase schoolchildren's general knowledge in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). The project aims to expand access to information by introducing new curricula with improved approaches to working with younger generations.

The program is open to school pupils and their mentors who are eager to learn more about geology and related disciplines, and wish to immerse themselves in the research life, conduct experiments, and gain practical experience in the field.

The work is carried out according to an approved special course curriculum titled "Fundamentals of Geology", which gradually involves children in scientific and practical work. Hundreds of schoolchildren across Ukraine have grown crystals of copper sulfate, red blood salt, alum, and studied the processes involved in the cultivation of artificial crystals. They have also created real collections for school mini-museums. During field trips and competitions, schoolchildren learn skills for proper, environmentally-friendly behavior in outdoor settings.

The Ukrainian Association of Geologists serves as a project partner for this initiative.

Hundreds of Ukrainian schoolchildren have participated in this project, with some of them consciously choosing natural science as their profession after completing their schooling as a result of their involvement in project activities.


Since 2012, the "Basics of Geology" special course has been included in the variable part of the curriculum at schools in Kyiv with an in-depth study of natural science disciplines. In 2019, the patent No. 92776 was obtained for the "Earth Interior (Basics of Geology)" course program for secondary schools.

The project partners include the Educational and Scientific Institute "Institute of Geology" at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, the National Environment and Nature Centre, the Kyiv Children and Youth Palace, the National Natural History Museum of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and the schools participating in the project.

Over the years, a tremendous amount of work has been accomplished through this project. Invaluable experience has been gained by utilizing all conventional methods of interacting with schoolchildren, as well as creating new and unique approaches that extend beyond Ukraine. The experience gained through this project has been documented in several themed issues.


ENGIE's European project, "Encouraging Girls to Study Geosciences and Engineering" (2021-2023), is a logical continuation of the company's consistent work with schoolchildren. The project aims to generate interest among girls in geosciences and geoengineering in order to improve gender balance in these fields. An awareness-raising strategy has been developed as part of the project, and stakeholders have been engaged to carry out a series of outreach activities in more than 20 European countries. Currently, over 500 schoolgirls have participated in the project, and more are joining from different regions of the country. The project continues to grow and evolve.

The Ukrainian Association of Geologists is a project partner for the "Encouraging Girls to Study Geosciences and Engineering" project in Ukraine.