Professional publishing

NADRA GROUP encourages its employees to share their research results in academic journals and publications, both in Ukraine and internationally. These may include individual collections of scholarly articles and monographs. The topics covered by these publications range from surveys of the geological structure of Ukraine and other regions of the world, to the study of mineral deposits, the development of new technologies for their exploration and production, and the history of geology, among others.

GROUP boasts the only 1:500,000 full-scale map of Ukraine's oil and gas complex. This comprehensive map displays hydrocarbon deposits, including their type and size, as well as oil, gas, and product pipelines with their associated facilities, rail terminals, and transshipment complexes, il and gas refineries.

In 2010, NADRA GROUP specialists compiled the only 1:100,000 scale geological map of the Ukrainian Carpathians, which provides a comprehensive overview of the region's folded structure. This unique map covers the Pokut-Bukovynian folds of the Boryslav-Pokut cover of the Precarpathian Depression.

An important component of the communication environment in modern society is professional periodicals. These publications ensure that knowledge is exchanged among all groups of society and play a crucial role in shaping the scientific worldview. Research publications make it possible to disseminate current research outcomes through monographs, journals, collections of abstracts, and conference proceedings, both to academia and to the general public.

Since 2003, the "Geologist of Ukraine" journal has been published by the Ukrainian Association of Geologists, with the informational and financial support of NADRA GROUP. It serves as the mouthpiece of the PO "Ukrainian Association of Geologists" and is a well-known and popular professional publication that unites the Ukrainian geological community, regardless of their location, experience, area of specialization, or field of activity. As of early 2022, a total of 45 issues of the journal have been published.

From 2010 to 2012, the Collection of Research Papers of the Tutkovsky Institute was published.

To commemorate NADRA GROUP's anniversary, the album "Geologists of Ukraine – Traditions are Kept up, the Future is Creating" was released. The publication serves as an expression of gratitude to NADRA GROUP's employees, who have managed to uphold the best traditions of Ukrainian geology and, utilizing the latest technologies, establish a new type of company, despite the challenges of transitioning from a planned to a market economy and navigating related economic difficulties.

NADRA GROUP provides financial support for the publication of proceedings and abstracts of scientific events. For instance, it funded a biographical book and a collection of scientific papers from the international conference "Problems of the Coal System Stratigraphy," which took place on April 16-17, 2008, in Kyiv. The conference was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Olgerd Einor, a distinguished geologist, stratigrapher, palaeontologist, and professor at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

To celebrate the company's 20th anniversary, Rostyslav Furdui's book "Brother of the Sun and Wind" was published in 2011. This book is intended for young Ukrainian geologists and features a collection of geological stories designed primarily for those who are considering a career in geology.

In 1999, a unique paper titled "Earth Depths Spiritual Depths" was published as the first book in NADRA GROUP series of publications. This book was about geologist educators and featured "Essays on the History of Geological Research at the University of Kyiv." It was published with the financial and informational support of NADRA GROUP.

Every year, mineralogical calendars are jointly published with the Ukrainian Mineralogical Society. Some of these calendars are dedicated to memorable and anniversary dates.