Social platforms

The global environmental perspective necessitates an immediate transition to a sustainable development model, which serves as the foundation for all of NADRA GROUP's activities.

NADRA GROUP manages digital platform projects that enable communication and cooperation among market participants (stakeholders) for the conservation, rational use, and restoration of the planet's natural assets, as well as for overcoming the ecological and social challenges of the 21st century. NADRA GROUP's platforms are designed to unite global civil society based on the right values, which contribute to harmonizing relations between peoples and countries in a multipolar world.

NADRA GROUP implements an ecosystem development strategy by creating a set of digital platforms that are associated with common tasks and interaction mechanisms.

NADRA GROUP's digital platforms facilitate communication and cooperation among individuals and legal entities (stakeholders) who are open to constructive and productive collaboration in areas related to NADRA GROUP's activities and the global challenges of the 21st century.

The platform model provides stakeholders with equal and independent opportunities to form individual and collective information fields. This approach allows a large number of market players to interface effectively, eliminating the need for intermediaries and stimulating direct exchange of values such as products, services, information, networking, skills, expertise, and knowledge.

The stakeholders of NADRA GROUP's digital platforms include global and intergovernmental organizations, national governments and regional administrations, industrial enterprises, business associations, financial institutions, public organizations, investors, educational and research institutions, media outlets, and online resources.

Key NADRA GROUP platforms' transactions are as follows:

  • cooperation among stakeholders to share experiences, information, coordinate joint actions, initiate cooperation, find partners and experts, etc;
  • communication among stakeholders to establish multifaceted cooperation in NADRA GROUP's areas of activity;
  • disseminating information by allowing stakeholders to create publications and distribute them among platform users.

The main criteria for the success of NADRA GROUP's digital platforms are transparency of stakeholders to the public and the soft power of informal multilateral cooperation for the sake of common prosperity and peace.

The distribution of digital data and platforms creates a wide range of new opportunities for innovative and socio-economic development of society.

NADRA GROUP's digital platforms provide the public with opportunities to participate in addressing global challenges by influencing:

  • legislative authorities to align the legislation with Agenda 21;
  • executive authorities to address any inconsistencies between national, regional, and sectoral strategies and programmes with the sustainable development priorities;
  • all stakeholders in the field of environmental protection and conservation to collaborate in preventing global environmental emergencies and ensuring human well-being;
  • governing authorities in the field of infrastructure, education, healthcare to support meaningful transformations of individual sectors towards sustainable development.;
  • public institutions and media to counter misinformation and promote environmentally responsible societal norms through extensive educational, outreach, promotional and awareness-raising activities;
  • individuals' consciousness and fostering the development of their mindset towards sustainable development.

NADRA GROUP monitors compliance with the communication rules within the platforms, establishes criteria for involving new stakeholders, defines the conditions for their participation, and ensures comprehensive development.

Covering a broad range of activities, NADRA GROUP continues to expand its network of stakeholders and promote interactions among them. This ongoing effort leads to the platforms gaining new levels of quality and achieving comprehensive global representation.