Water resources

NADRA GROUP began its activities with a focus on the environmental movement. As a result, the company's approach to the environment has been a consistent theme throughout its operations. In the implementation of oil and gas exploration, prospecting, and production projects, NADRA GROUP's specialists prioritized the conservation of water resources during drilling and field development, with a range of measures taken to protect surface and groundwater.

To create 3D models of deposits based on seismic and other geophysical data, NADRA GROUP engaged hydrogeology experts to advise on the existence and location of water-bearing strata and sequences. When planning the laying of boreholes, these experts took necessary measures to preserve subsoil, ground, and surface waters to prevent pollution.

During the development of fields and well logging operations, NADRA GROUP assessed the technical condition of wells, particularly in the intervals of water-bearing strata, using top-of-the-line Sondex equipment from the UK. Based on these assessments, recommendations were given for well repairs to prevent the ingress of acids, alkalis, surfactants, polymer solutions, and other chemical reagents used in oil and gas extraction into surface and subsoil drinking waters.

NADRA GROUP has undertaken numerous consulting projects related to groundwater in Ukraine, both for foreign and Ukrainian companies. The company's in-house team has drilled thermal and water wells, conducted surveys to explore drinking and geothermal waters, mapped water-bearing strata and water streams, and implemented projects for the exploration and extraction of thermal waters for sanatoriums in Zakarpattya.

From 2015 to 2018, NADRA GROUP's specialists were invited by the Ukrainian Association of Geologists (UAG) to participate in the EU KINDRA H2020 Project. The project aimed to create a Knowledge Inventory for Hydrogeology Research, which evaluated practical and scientific research on groundwater in the EU using the new Hydrogeological Research Classification System (HRC-SYS). This system allows for the systematic organization of work, documents, designs, reports, and databases to facilitate future research and analysis. Additionally, it helps to create a network and expand the community of geologists and stakeholders involved in the study of groundwater.