Soon after its establishment in 1992, NADRA GROUP was commissioned by the Ukrainian government to create the initial Energy Security Concept for Ukraine, specifically in regards to oil and gas. In parallel, the company began prioritizing consulting and research in other areas, recognizing their significance for future growth. NADRA GROUP provided scientifically sound consulting services and conducting research on the exploration and development of a diverse range of energy and mineral deposits, as well as groundwater resources, for both domestic and foreign companies.

Undertaking projects that involve the use of natural resources is a complex endeavor that requires specialized knowledge, skills, and experience. In addition to practical challenges such as geological risks, high capital investment, and lengthy payback periods, project success can be influenced by sudden shifts in demand and raw material price volatility, as well as concerns from local communities about the environmental impact on their living conditions. Furthermore, strengthened government regulations on the environment and social sphere can also significantly impact project outcomes.

To address these challenges, NADRA GROUP established a center for processing and interpreting geological, geophysical, and oilfield data. The company conducted assessments of prospective areas in Ukraine, including the transition zones of the inland seas, where traditional land-based and marine-based exploration equipment is typically limited. This work was carried out for the NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Geological Survey. Furthermore, NADRA GROUP partnered with Petrom, a Romanian oil and gas company, on a joint project to explore and develop oil fields both onshore and in the Black Sea.

NADRA GROUP entered into an agreement with the State Research and Production Enterprise (SRPE) "State Geological Information Fund of Ukraine" (Geoinform), and, as a customer, financed the collection and systematization of data from all oil and gas fields in Ukraine. Employees from both NADRA GROUP and Geoinform, as well as leading specialists from relevant Ukrainian research institutes were involved in this large-scale project.

In 1998, the project experts released the outcomes of their work in the six-volume fundamental directory "Atlas of Oil and Gas Fields of Ukraine." This publication provides comprehensive information on all of Ukraine's oil and gas regions, as well as the primary oil, gas, and condensate fields. Thus, NADRA GROUP was a significant initiator and sponsor of this impressive project. At its own expense, the company compiled, organized for publication, and released a Map of the Oil and Gas Industry of Ukraine at a scale of 1:500,000 in 2004. The map showcases hydrocarbon deposits based on type and size, oil and gas pipelines, associated facilities, railway loading points, oil refineries, and oil transshipment terminals. It was created utilizing updated data and new technologies, making it an invaluable tool for geologists, hydrocarbon extraction and transportation specialists, and for the strategic planning of energy complex development. The map remains highly relevant and is still widely used by market operators and regulatory bodies in Ukraine.

In 2003, NADRA GROUP was tasked by NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine to explore potential investment opportunities, license blocks, and promising oil and gas sites in foreign countries, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as in the former USSR countries of Russian Federation and Kazakhstan.

As the designated project executors, NADRA GROUP specialists participated in international licensing bid rounds, attended tenders, conducted selection and analysis of pertinent materials, performed geological and economic assessments, prepared business plans, drafted production sharing agreements (PSA), and more. This work was carried out by NADRA GROUP in Algeria. Subsequently, specialists identified promising blocks for NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine in Libya and other oil-producing nations. In Egypt, one of the recommended sites identified by NADRA GROUP for NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine is currently producing oil.

In 2005, NADRA GROUP expanded its market presence into the Central African Republic (on behalf of RSM Production Corporation) and Chad (on behalf of OPIC Africa Chad Branch). The GROUP was tasked with identifying promising oil and gas production areas and evaluating the potential of energy resources in the explored territories.

Between 2009 and 2010, NADRA GROUP conducted a comprehensive analysis of the transit zones along the Crimean coast. This study was the first of its kind in Ukraine, aimed at identifying the potential for oil and gas production in the area, and developing guidance for further exploration based on global best practices. NADRA GROUP was commissioned for the forecasting and evaluation of oil and gas production prospects in the terrestrial territories and waters of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. Additionally, the company was responsible for developing programs for geological study, prospecting, and exploration work on licensed subsoil areas in Ukraine. The companies that commissioned this work were RAG Austria AG (Austria), Marathon Oil Company (USA), Total S.A. (France), Shell (Netherlands), and Chevron (USA).

In 2010, NADRA GROUP's specialists compiled the 1:100,000 scale geological map of the Ukrainian Carpathians, which is currently the only map that provides complete coverage of the folded structure of the Ukrainian Carpathians, including the Pokut-Bukovynian folds of the Boryslav-Pokut cover of the Precarpathian Depression.

This geological map was based on an in-depth, comprehensive analysis and synthesis of existing geological, geochemical, and geophysical data. This work was conducted to develop advanced approaches for predicting deep hydrocarbon deposits.

NADRA GROUP's specialists have developed expertise in Western oil standards and technologies to effectively carry out consulting projects for Western companies currently or intending to participate in oil and gas projects in Ukraine. The company has acquired specialized software from IHS Energy (USA), a leading provider in this field, to aid in the assessment of promising sites and territories.

Work experience: selecting, conducting geological and economic assessments, and investment analysis of license blocks in 12 countries in North Africa and the Middle East, commissioned by NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine; analysis and certification of 126 oil and gas fields in Ukraine for an international audit of oil and gas reserves. Through its production and extensive research work for the Ukrainian Geological Survey (Geonadra) and NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine, NADRA GROUP has developed databases on geology, resource potential, and oil-and-gas-bearing capacity for all regions in Ukraine.

NADRA GROUP has a successful track record of over 50 projects completed in 20 countries worldwide, providing consulting services, prospecting, exploration, and development of hydrocarbon deposits, as well as ore and non-ore minerals. The company has also supplied exploration equipment, logging tools, and drilling equipment. NADRA GROUP has worked with a range of customers including public and private oilfield service and production companies from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan, and Ukraine.

NADRA GROUP's reputation is well-established through its provision of services to prominent companies such as British Petroleum (BP, UK), Cadogan Petroleum (UK), Gaz de France (GDF, France), Indusmin Energy Corporation (Canada), Marathon Oil Company (USA), Moravsky Naftovy Doly (MND, Czech Republic), Polish Petroleum Company (Poland), RAG (Austria), Regal Petroleum (UK), Shell Exploration and Production International BV (Netherlands), Sonatrach (Algeria), Total S.A. (France), Transeuroenergy (Canada), and Vanco Energy Company (USA).

NADRA GROUP's scientific activity has been supported by the organization of relevant conferences, with more than 90 conferences held on a wide range of scientific topics. These topics have included lithology and stratigraphy of sedimentary basins, ore and oil-and-gas potential, including unconventional hydrocarbons, Precambrian and Phanerozoic ore potential issues, ecology and geological heritage conservation, and the demonstration of new technologies for geological and geophysical research, as well as the extraction of energy and mineral resources.

A noteworthy event and a new stage of cooperation with the international geological community was the co-organization of the AAPG Regional Conference "Prospecting and Exploration for Oil and Gas in the Black Sea-Caspian Region: Current Achievements and Future Plans," with the participation of the Ukrainian Association of Geologists. NADRA GROUP provided the organizational and financial support for the conference, which took place in Kyiv at the Ukrainian House on October 17-19, 2010.

The conference was attended by over 500 delegates attending from 26 countries. Prior to the conference, a geological tour titled "Geology of the Crimean Mountains in the Context of Scientific Research in the Black Sea" was held on October 15-16, 2010. The conference aimed to draw the attention of the world's leading oil companies to the prospects of the Black Sea-Caspian region, and specifically to the resource potential of the Azov-Black Sea oil and gas provinces of Ukraine. As an international scientific event of the highest expert level and the widest regional representation, it achieved its goal successfully.