MICE (Meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions)

Organizing scientific conferences in partnership with the PO "Ukrainian Association of Geologists" and the Tutkovsky Institute is a vital component of NADRA GROUP's educational efforts.

In total, over 90 conferences have been held by NADRA GROUP, covering a diverse range of scientific topics. These conferences have focused on subjects such as the lithology and stratigraphy of sedimentary basins, the potential for ore, oil, and gas, including unconventional hydrocarbons, as well as issues related to the ore potential of the Precambrian and Phanerozoic eras. Additionally, the conferences have addressed topics such as ecology and conservation of geological heritage, and the presentation of new technologies for geological and geophysical research, as well as the extraction of energy and mineral resources.

NADRA GROUP has acted as the organizer, co-organizer, or partner of several prominent sectoral events. These include the 150th Anniversary of the Kerosene Lamp International Conference (2003), the 150th Tutkovsky's Anniversary International Conference (2008), the AAPG Regional Conference (2010), international conferences on non-conventional types of gas (2009-2013), the 100th Anniversary of the Geological Survey of Ukraine (2018), the 100th Anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (2018), as well as six congresses of geologists in Ukraine (2000-2017).

During the 6th Congress of Geologists of Ukraine, the International Platform "Implementation of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union regarding Efficient and Balanced Use of Natural Resources" was approved. The platform aims to bring together the efforts of all stakeholders, including the State, business, science education, and the public, towards the responsible use of natural resources, with a focus on addressing social issues, in collaboration with relevant international programs, particularly those of the European Union.

NADRA GROUP regularly delegates its representatives to participate in important sectoral, professional, business, and research-oriented events, with the objective of sharing the results of its activities, exchanging experiences, and expanding partnerships.

The rapidly evolving global energy landscape and the pressing global energy crisis are compelling oil and gas companies to adopt new technologies, not only to maintain recovery rates, upgrade resources, and develop fields with hard-to-recover reserves, but also to gradually decarbonize the exploration and production segment, as well as diversify towards a low-carbon economy.

As most local oil and gas companies are unable to tackle complex problems independently, owing to the lack of modern technologies, innovative solutions, qualified staff, and practical experience, it is reasonable to engage leading multidisciplinary oil service contractors who invest billions of dollars in their own technological advancements.

In order to broaden its service portfolio, NADRA GROUP consistently cultivates partnerships with technology suppliers and developers of targeted solutions tailored to specific customer needs.

As part of its Technology Days program, NADRA GROUP traditionally updates its customers on the latest advancements and effective solutions of its technology partners in numerous areas that are critical for increasing hydrocarbon recovery while maintaining low operating costs. These areas include geological exploration, drilling, production and intensification, well services, digitization, and more.

The partner network of NADRA GROUP comprises a multitude of oil and gas companies, as well as providers of innovative oilfield service solutions. They collaborate, share ideas, and exchange experiences in overcoming contemporary sectoral challenges, functioning as a single ecosystem within the framework of Technology Days

In the period from 2011, NADRA GROUP has held the following innovation-oriented events:

  • Presentation of new perforation solution developed by HALLIBURTON Company for NADRA GROUP's customers and partners (2011);
  • "Advanced Exploration and Production Technology Day", a joint Technology Day by NADRA GROUP and HALLIBURTON Company for Ukrainian production and extraction companies (2013);
  • "Integrated Cased-Hole Services", a presentation by HALLIBURTON Company within the Technology Day of Ukrainian Production and Extraction Companies for NADRA GROUP's customers and partners (2016);
  • A series of presentations related to HALLIBURTON Company's oilfield service regarding perforation on oil well tubing pipes for customers and partners in the office of NADRA GROUP, in the central office of Naftogaz of Ukraine, at Ukrgazvydobuvannya JSC (2018).

In the future, NADRA GROUP intends to conduct a series of focused Technology Days for its customers and partners, concentrating on traditional topics such as maintaining resource recovery rates and improving operational efficiency, as well as on reducing carbon footprints, green energy carbon technologies (hydrogen, capture technologies, carbon use and storage, and other low-carbon energy sources). Separate events will be dedicated to showcasing advanced digital technologies utilized globally to shape a company's carbon profile (ESG reporting).