Seismic survey

NADRA GROUP was the first company in Ukraine to purchase and utilize multi-channel telemetry equipment for seismic exploration and heavy seismic wave vibrating sources in 1998. This allowed the company to conduct three-dimensional seismic exploration work, delivering accurate and reliable results even in challenging surface conditions. The Lychkivsko-Novoselivska area of the Dnieper-Donets Basin was the first in Ukraine where a 3D seismic survey was carried out using Input-Output (US) recording equipment and four 32-tonne vibrators. Over the course of 15 years, NADRA GROUP conducted seismic surveys using this equipment on 39 deposits and areas, primarily in the Dnieper-Donets Basin and on the northern outskirts of Donbass

NADRA GROUP significantly expanded the scope of its seismic exploration work after acquiring and implementing the second multi-channel seismic recording system Scorpion (Input-Output, USA) in 2008, along with five new 34-tonne vibrators. From 2008 to 2016, NADRA GROUP conducted seismic surveys using this equipment on 25 areas and deposits in 2D and 3D versions in the Dnieper-Donets Basin, the northern outskirts of Donbass, and the Pre-Carpathian and Transcarpathian Depressions. The company utilized modern technologies and software from leading companies such as Schlumberger, Paradigm, and others to create geological models of deposits and monitor them. NADRA GROUP utilized the ECLIPSE software package from Schlumberger and NEXUS from Halliburton Company for hydrodynamic modeling of oil and gas fields and deposits. During field seismic surveys, the company implemented international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 to ensure safety and quality.

The first 3D seismic exploration projects in Ukraine

  • NADRA GROUP's geophysical units conducted the first 3D seismic exploration project in Ukraine in 1998 in the Lychkivsko-Novoselivska area. This project implemented cutting-edge seismic information processing technologies, including pre-stack depth migration with the formation of a 3D seismic velocity model. The resulting work made it possible to create a geological model of the Lychkivsko-Novoselivska area for the productive horizons of the Serpukhov and Viseu Tiers of the Lower Carboniferous, as well as the Upper Devonian strata in the form of structural and seismic maps.
  • In 2000, seismic surveys were conducted on the Bilska area to refine the structural plan and search for new hydrocarbon traps within the Upper Viseu productive complex. The reflection horizons in the area are characterized by considerable lateral incontinence due to the influence of salt tectogenesis. The target structural surfaces within the Bilska field are complicated by numerous rupture faults with amplitudes ranging from 30 to 350 meters, which significantly complicate the deposit structure. The main result of the work was a new structural and tectonic model, which allowed for the localization of the paleocrest of the Bilska Brachyanticline for the first time, despite previous several decades of exploration of the field.
  • The main geological objective for the Zakhidno-Vilshansko-Reshetnyakivska area in 2000 was to clarify the structural plan of the tributary zones in the deposits of the Bashkir and Serpukhov Tiers. New structural imaging obtained through data processing and interpretation allowed for the specification of the distribution zones of productive horizons in the Jurassic deposits, as well as the Bashkir and Serpukhov Tiers. The concept of tributary zone tectonics was significantly altered, particularly in the northern part of the Staro-Sanzharsky Boss, where new tectonically shielded traps were identified, and prospective resources were forecaste.
  • After the 3D seismic surveys were conducted at the Kobziv gas condensate field in 2006, the following results were obtained for the first time in Ukraine:
    • multifactor analysis of seismic wave field attributes was used to forecast the filtration and capacitive properties (FCP) of hydrocarbon deposits;
    • quantitative forecasting was used to compile cubes and forecast maps of FCP parameters, including relative clay content, sand content, porosity, gas saturation, and linear reserves, to clarify the distribution of reservoirs in the productive strata of the Kobziv gas condensate field.

In 2008, NADRA GROUP carried out 2D seismic work for Shell Ukraine Exploration and Production International B.V. in the Eastern region of Ukraine (Yuzivka block), in accordance with world-class quality and HSE standards. This experience of performing seismic surveys for a global leader in the oil and gas industry was invaluable for the company's further development in international cooperation, particularly with regard to adhering to the highest HSE standards.

As a result of these achievements, NADRA GROUP became the only company in Ukraine that had introduced the standards necessary to operate on the international market and fulfill orders for the world's leading mining companies.

These examples of obtaining fundamentally new geological and geophysical information for Ukrainian oil and gas companies represent a breakthrough in making the exploration of new oil and gas fields more efficient. Overall, NADRA GROUP performed approximately 8,000 lin. km of seismic surveys using 2D technology and 5,000 sq. km of field seismic surveys using 3D technology.

Key projects of seismic exploration crew No 1

Customer Period Physical points
Ukrgazprom JSC, Kharkivtransgaz 11.1998–12.1998 3 672 physical points 3D, Lychkivsko-Novoselivska block (58 sq km)
UkrGazVydobuvannya JSC 01.1999–07.1999 11 161 physical points 3D, Bilska block (180 sq km)
Ukrnafta JSC 10.1999–12.1999 5 485 physical points 3D, Reshetniakivska block (87 sq km)
UkrGazVydobuvannya JSC 12.1999–06.2000
11 710 physical points 3D, Bohatoiska block (199 sq km)
UkrGazVydobuvannya JSC 07.2000–01.2001 10 273 physical points 3D, Sentianivska block (160 sq km)
Ukrnafta JSC 01.2001–05.2001 6 936 physical points 3D, Buhruvativska block (120 sq km)
UkrGazVydobuvannya JSC 06.2001–12.2001 8 142 physical points 2D, Orilska block (1548 lkm)
PPC JV 04.2002–04.2002 308 physical points 2D, Zaplavska block (19 lkm)
UkrGazVydobuvannya JSC 07.2002–03.2003 7 850 physical points 2D, Volvenkivska block (1003 lkm)
Plast LLC 03.2003–05.2003 2 910 physical points 2D, Kaverdinska block (230 lkm)
UkrGazVydobuvannya JSC 06.2003–08.2003 4 683 physical points 2D, Novoselivska block (557 lkm)
Naftogaz Ukraine NJSC 12.2003–03.2004 6 252 physical points 2D, Bairatska block (130 lkm)
Naftogaz Ukraine NJSC 06.2004–06.2005 19 388 physical points 3D, Kobzivska block (290 sq km)
UkrGazVydobuvannya JSC 07.2005–09.2005 8 044 physical points 2D, Zakh. Kharkivska block (468 lkm)
Naftogaz Ukraine NJSC 09.2005–12.2005 4 098 physical points 3D, Hadiatska block (51 sq km)
UkrGazVydobuvannya JSC 01.2006–03.2006 4 917 physical points 3D, Mashivska block (47 sq km)
UkrGazVydobuvannya JSC 05.2006–06.2006 1 524 physical points 3D, Skh.-Vynohradivska block (97 sq km)
State Geological Survey 07.2006–08.2006 3 589 physical points 2D, Kostiantynivska block (265 lkm)
Naftogaz Ukraine NJSC 09.2006–09.2006 603 physical points 2D, Hadyatska block (59 lkm)
UkrGazVydobuvannya JSC 10.2006–04.2007 7 572 physical points 3D, Zakhidnosolokhivska block (73,6 sq km)
Naftogaz Ukraine NJSC 04.2007–08.2007 12 107 physical points 3D, Bakeiska block (118 sq km)
CADOGAN PETROLEUM 08.2007–11.2007 6 083 physical points 3D, Pokrovska block (171 sq km)
Naftogaz Ukraine NJSC 11.2007–01.2008 3 255 physical points 2D, Romenska block (255,3 lkm)
Naftogaz Ukraine NJSC 01.2008–05.2008 3 991 physical points 2D, Tunivska block (316,16 lkm)
Naftogaz Ukraine NJSC 05.2008–06.2008 1 248 physical points 2D, Slobidska block (146 lkm)
UkrGazVydobuvannya JSC 06.2008–09.2008 7 220 physical points 2D, Zakh.Kharkivska block (420,27 lkm)
Naftogaz Ukraine NJSC 11.2008–01.2009 2 352 physical points 2D, Vodyanivska block (186,32 lkm)
UkrGazVydobuvannya JSC 01.2009–07.2009 7 307 пунктів 3D, Krasnokutska block (151,28 sq km)
UkrGazVydobuvannya JSC 10.2009–03.2010 5 336 physical points 2D, Zakh. Olkhivska block (533,6 lkm)
Naftogaz Ukraine NJSC 07.2010–09.2010 13 773 physical points 3D, Matviivska block (129,6 sq km)
Inter-Bars LLC 10.2010–11.2010 1 178 physical points 3D, Matroska block (24,84 sq km)
Naftogaz Ukraine NJSC 03.2011–08.2011 18 881 physical points 3D, Budyschansko-Chutivska block (438 sq km)
Naftogaz Ukraine NJSC 05.2012–06.2012 2 807 physical points 2D, 3С, Krasnopopivska 2D3С block (42 lkm)
Naftogaz Ukraine NJSC 07.2012–08.2012 4 993 physical points 3D, Tokarsko-Krasnianska 3D block (117 sq km)
UkrGazVydobuvannya JSC 08.2012–09.2012 4 267 physical points 2D, Olkhivska block (200 lkm)
UkrGazVydobuvannya JSC 10.2012–12.2012 9 545 physical points 3D, Pivnichno-Myhrynska 3D block (142 sq km)
UkrGazVydobuvannya JSC 03.2013–03.2013 3 785 physical points 3D, Burlutsko-Olivinivska block (192 sq km)
Cub Еnergy 06.2013–07.2013 4 895 physical points 3D, Kryakivska block (35 sq km)
Cub Еnergy 08.2013–11.2013 11 422 physical points 3D, Oskolonivaska block (104 sq km)

Key projects of seismic exploration crew No 2

Customer Period Physical points
PPC JV 10.04.2008–23.06.2008 3922 physical points 3D, Chervonozayarska block (40 sq km)
UkrGazVydobuvannya JSC 03.07.2008–11.09.2008 3829 physical points 3D, Drobyshivska block (80 sq km)
UkrGazVydobuvannya JSC
03.10.2008–16.05.2009 16 876 physical points 2D, Pavlivslo-Svitlivska block (483,5 lkm)
Naftogaz Ukraine NJSC 01.06.2009–31.06.2009 9166 physical points 2D, Slovianoserbska block (548 lkm)
UkrGazVydobuvannya JSC 30.01.2010–14.03.2010 4428 physical points 3D, Mygrynska block (68,4 sq km)
Naftogaz Ukraine NJSC 07.05.2010–07.08.2010 14 942 physical points 3D, Nurivsko-Maksalska block (244,4 sq km)
Ukrnafta JSC 26.08.2010–07.10.2010 1971 physical points 3D, Stynavska block (21 sq km)
Naftogaz Ukraine NJSC 24.10.2010–31.12.2010 3949 physical points 3D, Yablunivska block (96 sq km)
Cubgas LLC 23.01.2011–05.2011 9729 physical points 3D, Olhivsko-Makiivska block (174,18 sq km)
Cubgas LLC 05.2011–06.2011 1274 physical points 2D, Pivnichno-Makiivska block (63,5 lkm)
Nadra Geocentr LLC 06.2011–08.2011 1680 physical points 3D, Yuliivska block (21,43 sq km)
Naftogaz Ukraine NJSC 25.07.2011–18.09.2011 18 892 physical points 3D, Chutivsko-Budyshchanska block (433 sq km)
Ukrnafta JSC 05.10.2011–13.11.2011
6718 physical points 3D, Anastasivska block (70 sq km)
Ukrnafta JSC 19.11.2011–02.12.2011 2832 physical points 3D, Artyukhivska block (19 sq km)
Naftogaz Ukraine NJSC 09.03.2012–16.03.2012 5069 physical points 3D, Stelmakhivska block (270 sq km)
Naftogaz Ukraine NJSC 22.05.2012–20.06.2012 4509 physical points 2D, Zinkivska block (311,6 lkm)
UkrGazVydobuvannya JSC 27.07.2012–10.09.2012 16 832 physical points 2D, Hrakivska block (250 lkm)
  01.10.2012–17.11.2012 1859 physical points 3D, Novomykolaivska block (58 sq km)
Geo Alliance 01.12.2012–16.03.2013 5108 physical points 3D, Makartsivska block (170 sq km)
Cub Еnergy 28.05.2013–13.06.2013 5606 physical points 3D, Rusko-Komarivska block (12 sq km)
Cub Еnergy 15.06.2013–26.08.2013 3646 physical points 3D, Stanivska block (44,5 sq km)
Ukreastgas LLC 12.10.2013–22.11.2013 12 540 physical points 3D, Krasnozayarska block (46,9 sq km)
PPC JV 01.12.2013–22.03.2014 5069 physical points 3D, Yelizavetivska block (58,5 sq km)
UkrGazVydobuvannya JSC 10.10.2014–01.12.2014 4509 physical points 3D, Rodnikova, Sementsivska, Abazivska blocks (253,3 sq km)
Ukrnaftoburinnya MC 10.10.2015–01.02.2016 8116 physical points 3D, Sakalinska block (32 sq km)